Why you should start your app with Icon Design not only finish it!


At Aimup Apps we have had the privilege to design a really diverse range of apps from iPhone games to large commerce apps - with this diversity we come into contact with a variety of app development processes too. From clients seeking design right at the concept stage through to last minute developers needing an icon before submission to the AppStore - we welcome them all but do think that it’s an opportunity missed not to have design help from the start.

After coming up with some great concepts for the Icons we would love nothing more than to apply it through the app interface. I believe the best apps have design involved right from the start not only to add the Icing at the end. It is the deep running of these clever concepts that affect the whole feel of the app from the splash screen to the style of copywriting, the best apps deliver on all the small details.

If you are a iOS Developer looking for just for app icon design please spare a thought for the rest of the app too we would love to work with you on the whole UX of the app.


If you’re looking for a fast, reliable designer look no further.

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